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If you want to get a fantastic workout that will give results quickly, consider a Scarsdale boot camp. Boot camps are small group training workouts run by a personal trainer. The trainer gives personalized attention to everyone in the group. First, he or she learns your goals, finds out if there are any special needs, such as physical limitations that may require adjusting the form of an exercise and then assesses your overall fitness. Only then does the trainer design your personalized program.

Some boot camps also offer nutritional information.

Personal trainers don’t recommend a diet, but instead help you learn how to eat healthier. There’s a huge difference between the two. Dieting is restrictive, leaves you feeling hungry and always ends. Extremely low calorie diets also slow your metabolism, causing your body to go into starvation mode and make weight loss even more difficult. Eating healthier means making smart substitutions that may be as minor as using an English muffin to replace a hamburger bun. Some may involve more thought, like taking healthy snacks to work or having them ready in the refrigerator for snacking mid morning and mid afternoon. When you total up all the small changes, they create a huge difference in your weight, but don’t leave you feeling deprived.

A boot camp or small group training works all parts of your body and provides all types of exercise.

You’ll get a complete workout in small group training that focuses on all types of exercise from building strength and endurance to increasing your flexibility and balance. You’ll also workout all parts of your body, including core muscle groups. Some of the exercises in boot camps provide several types of exercise in one and work a number of different muscle groups at the same time, making them far more efficient.

The trainers at a boot camp will show you how to do each exercise correctly.

It’s easy to watch someone and think you know how to do each exercise, but it’s not always the case. Some times you move an arm wrong, lift your leg improperly or inhale when you should exhale. You may not notice it, but the trainer at the camp will. That’s because he or she watches to insure each person uses the right form. Doing and exercise improperly can minimize the benefits and even cause injury.

You’ll have fun at a boot camp. Everyone is working his or her hardest, so there’s plenty of empathy. You even hear congratulatory cheers when someone accomplishes a tough goal.

You’ll save money at a small group training session but get all the benefits of having a personal trainer. Since everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time it’s far less per person.

You’ll see results faster. Not only will you have a personalized program, trainers also know the right types of exercise to get the fastest results.

The program will never be boring. Trainers provide a wide variety of exercises that not only keep you interested, also prevent your body from becoming too efficient and conserving calories, which helps prevent plateauing.

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