Small Group Training in New Rochelle

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Small Group Training

SGT at North End is based on TRX Suspension training. In fact, North End Fitness & Training is the first and only TRX Premier Facility in Westchester! With TRX, your entire body is used in every exercise. The resistance level is easily adjustable to create a fun and challenging workout for every ability level, from beginner to professional athlete.

What is SGT?

  • SGT is functional training, strengthening your muscles for your everyday activities.
  • SGT is 1 full hour of coached warm-up, strength training, stretching, and cool down.
  • SGT is a group of no more than 6 clients and 1 trainer. It’s not a “class”, it’s real training.
  • SGT is fun. Clients who have tried it, love it and keep coming back for more!
  • SGT is twice the time with our trainers for the same price as our one on one training.

Don’t miss out on this chance to try out SGT and take your fitness to the next level. Bring a friend and share the results!

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Introducing Torch & Tone

Are you ready to step up your workouts? TORCH the fat, TONE the muscles at North End Fitness & Training! A SPECIAL introductory offer: 1 Month of unlimited SGT for $99 (a value of $299). Your body with thank you for the challenge, you will love seeing the results!

*Offer available to new clients and former clients who have not trained with us in the past 6 months.*

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