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You may have heard people praising their experience with a White Plains bootcamp and wondered why they were so excited. You’ll be happy to find that not only is a boot camp a great way to become fitter faster, you also get the help of a personal trainer at a fraction of the price of private session. Not only that, it’s a lot of fun. That doesn’t mean you won’t work hard.

The trainer will first assess your overall fitness before he or she designs a personalized exercise program.

That’s one of the benefits of having a personal trainer. The trainer also listens to your goals and any special needs prior to creating your program. If you have a physical problem, such back trouble, the trainer needs to adjust the form you use for some of the exercises to accommodate that limitation. You’ll work hard, harder than you thought possible, but you’ll see quicker results that make that hard work worthwhile.

Not everyone will be at the same level, but it’s never a problem.

You may sign up for a boot camp because you’ve been exercising forever and just want a change of pace. Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting on those less fit, since each person has his or her own goals suited to that person’s level of fitness. For those who are just beginners, you won’t be left behind either. While everyone may be doing push-ups, some will be doing more repetitions and sets, while others may even be doing an easier form, such as bent knee push-ups.

You’ll have a blast and learn to do each exercise correctly.

The trainer not only shows each person how to do the exercise right, he or she watches to make sure they have the proper form. Sometimes just turning your wrist wrong or breathing in when you should breathe out makes a huge difference. Doing an exercise correctly helps prevent injury and also maximizes the benefit of that exercise.

You’ll make lots of new friends. There’s a great deal of comradery and empathy at a boot camp, since everyone is working toward his or her top capacity. Each person knows how tough those goals can be.

You’ll pay far less for the trainer’s time than you would at private sessions. Everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time, making it less per person.

You’ll never get bored at a boot camp. The personal trainer uses a wide variety of exercises and has a different routine frequently. That helps keep the body working its hardest and burns fat quicker.

You’ll still be held accountable for your progress. Not only does the personal trainer hold you accountable, so does everyone else in the group.

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