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If you’ve never considered using a White Plains personal training, it may be time to start. You’ll be maximizing your workout time, while also getting other benefits from personal training, such as learning how to eat healthier and how to do each exercise correctly. Trainers get faster results and fast results can also provide a great deal of motivation, particularly if you’re just starting a fitness regimen.

Trainers first identify your level of fitness.

You won’t be given a cookie cutter program, but instead a personalized one based on your fitness level, goals and special needs. Trainers also look for weaker muscles groups and areas that need special attention to insure you have no muscle imbalance. Trainers also use all types of training, such as cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. You need all of these to be your healthiest. Strength training helps build muscle tissue and also stronger bones. Flexibility training improves your range of motion, while balance training helps prevent falls and injuries. Cardio vascular training improves endurance.

The personal training also keeps the program fresh and varies exercises for a number of reasons.

Boredom is the enemy of exercise. Not just because it causes you to lose focus and put in less effort, but because it allows your body to become more efficient. While being efficient is a good thing in the real world, muscle efficiency isn’t normally good for exercising. The more you do an exercise and the more efficient your muscle becomes, the fewer calories you’ll burn. It can cause plateaus in weight loss.

You’ll learn how to eat healthier.

Eating healthier isn’t dieting. Dieting is restrictive, leaves you feeling deprived and always ends….sometimes at midnight with a box of chocolates. Then you go back to old eating habits and not only regain weight, but often gain even more than when you started. Eating healthier means making smarter choices when it comes to food. It may mean using Greek yogurt for your potato instead of sour cream, which saves a few calories. However, once you start making these small substitutions you’ll find the calories add up to big savings and you never felt deprived once!

When you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise, you’ll reap huge benefits. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll look years younger.

You’ll walk with confidence after you workout for a while. That confidence shows to others and you’ll see a huge difference in how they treat you.

You’ll sleep better at night when you workout regularly. A good night’s sleep is extremely good for your overall health, especially your heart. You’ll also be less prone to eat sugary snacks.

You’ll be amazed how much the healthier diet and exercise can help control and even reverse, in some cases, serious health issues, such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

    Testimonial Picture of Paul W. (2)
    “NEFT offers the complete package...”

    When I was 18 years old, I promised the young man in the mirror that I would always work hard to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. While I’ve been relatively successful in the 32 years since I made that promise, I’ve always struggled to deal with the “Freshman 15″ I affixed to my midsection. North End Fitness is the first gym experience I’ve encountered that has combined physical training and nutrition in a healthy and fun manner. The trainers push me at least 15% beyond anything I could do on my own. And it is that extra push that makes all the difference. In addition, the nutritionist has taught me so much about healthier eating, better scheduling, and improved hunger management. North End Fitness offers the complete package for me and continues to play a vital role in my overall mental and physical well-being.

    Paul W.
    Member since 2008
    Testimonial Picture of Chris R. (2)
    “I feel more fit and healthier”

    I have exercised in the past but I wanted to work with specialists and experts who can help me achieve what I strive for. I assumed the trainers would be like those at any other fitness center, but I was wrong. The trainers and nutritionist at North End provide individual attention, tailored to my needs, expectations and abilities. They treat each member with respect and pay attention to my thoughts and needs. While I have more goals to work towards, I feel more fit and healthier thanks to North End Fitness & Training!

    Chris R.
    Member since 2015
    Testimonial Picture of Bekkah G. (2)
    “Their support goes far beyond this gym...”

    Since I started training at North End Fitness, I look forward to working out in a way I never did before. The biggest benefit for me is that I no longer suffer from chronic lower back pain. I wanted to begin personal training in order to strengthen my core and my back as a way to lessen the pain. I had tried many other things, from Pilates to physical therapy, but the chronic pain wouldn’t go away. The trainers at North End focus on not only my core strength, but my body strength overall, which really did lessen the pain. I’m most proud of my newfound ability to really understand what my body needs ­ I am now in tune with what works and what doesn’t work, what makes me feel stronger and when to try something different. I wouldn’t be able to say that without the trainers here at North End Fitness. Without the pain getting in the way of my activity, I’m able to feel stronger and accomplish things I couldn’t imagine I would be able to do before ­ like climbing up a rock wall! The consistency that North End Fitness provides with their team of trainers and nutrition counseling helps keep me on track towards my goals. Their support goes far beyond this gym, thank you North End!

    Bekkah G.
    Member since 2015
    “Thanks North End Fitness for changing my life!”

    For as far back as I can remember, I loved to dance. I began taking lessons at three years old and continued throughout college as a dance/special-education major. After graduation, I worked with developmentally disabled children and had to put aside my passion for dance as time would not allow for both. Shortly after, I was married and began my career as a mother of five. I was blessed with all five children in 5 1/2 years and my only physical fitness was running after children. I tried joining several different gyms, paid their monthly fees, but never went! Although I hated exercising I hated the way I felt and looked even more. I was not toned and terribly out of shape. I felt terrible about myself but really found no outlet that I enjoyed. Then several years ago I noticed North End Fitness on North Avenue. I met with the owner Joseph, met with a personal trainer and was explained the philosophy. For me it was a no-brainer and I joined immediately. I met with the nutritionist, discussed my goals and received my own personal training schedule. I haven’t looked back since! I have succeeded in reaching my goals and surpassing my wildest dreams. I am in better shape than I have been in years and love not only how I look but more importantly, how I feel. My husband is proud, my kids are proud, but most of all, I am proud! Thanks North End Fitness for changing my life!!!

    Anne W
    Member since 2010
    “I’m 50 years old and no longer have a gut”

    I’m a management consultant who fixes up old, blue-chip companies. Over the last twelve years of my career, I’ve been asked to change years of bad habits, correct incorrect procedures, and transform wrong thinking. Through this I’ve come to understand the difficultly in trying to change. From my experience, I believe there are two important factors for successful change: 1. The Change Agent 2. A Detailed Game Plan for Change. I didn’t realize when I started with North End Fitness & Training that their model was based on these two concepts. But within a month, I started seeing results and I knew this was the program for me. 1 ½ years later, I’m still with the program, kept off those 26 pounds, and 6 Inches Off My Waist; a smaller waist size than I had in High School.

    Looking back at myself before joining North End Fitness, I now realize they helped me change many of my bad habits into good ones: The value of exercising while making better food choices (replacing bad carbs with good carbs); being conscious of portion control (a complete mental realignment); eating three balanced meals and two healthy snacks a day; implementing an exercise routine consisting of all major muscle groups being engaged in the correct way (after six sessions, they change the exercise routine); motivating my exercise which eventually increased my stamina by giving me combination exercises – weight training with cardio; and always taking time out for myself to get to the gym.

    Bottom Line – I’m 50 years old and no longer have a gut. I now wear slim-fit shirts and size 30 waist pants. North End Fitness helped me change years of bad habits into good habits. I now look forward to each workout session.

    Peter C
    “We can’t say enough about North End Fitness”

    We can’t say enough about North End Fitness. While it’s become apparent that our bodies are changing for the better–all of us have lost weight and cut body fat to varying degrees–what’s more impressive is the change in mindset North End Fitness has helped establish. Fitness is now primary in our minds. It was unfathomable a few years ago that any one of us would stick to a rigorous routine of physical activity and a strict, healthy, wholesome diet. But North End Fitness has allowed us, indeed inspired us, to do just that. It’s added a new element to our family discourse; we now discuss frequently our recent routines, the newest goal one of us reached, or the latest physiological phenomenon we’ve uncovered with hard work (check out that brachialis!). Fitness has become a lifestyle that bonds us all. We compare, share, and most of all encourage each other to keep pushing and working hard, and the free-flowing endorphins have boosted household morale. We could go on and on, but again–we can’t say enough.

    “I am stronger than I ever thought I could be”

    North End Fitness has had a dramatically positive impact on my life. I have always struggled with my weight, and North End Fitness has taught me how to work through this by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. The one-on-one training keeps the workout routines specific to my needs, while the trainers push me hard and always remind me of why I am there. I had lofty goals when I first entered North End Fitness and everybody there cheered me on. The nutritionists helped me redefine my relationship with food and made discovering a healthy diet fun and enjoyable. I have tried numerous times to lose weight on my own, before joining North End Fitness I wanted losing weight to be instantaneous. North End Fitness has taught me that it is a process where you have to work hard, but in the end the results are worth it. Losing weight through North end Fitness has boosted my confidence immensely, and I now have so much more energy. I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. Also, I can wear clothes that I have never been able to wear before, which is very exciting for me. Every time I lose some weight, or drop a jeans size, it is great because I know my hard work is paying off, and I am losing weight the healthy and effective way. North End Fitness has helped me lose weight and change my life for the better.


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