North End Fitness & Training Reviews

North End Fitness & Training Jessica G.

This establishment kick started my weigh loss and toning. If it wasn't for my taking the leap with them I would have never been able to reach my goal. I'm getting married in July and Chris, Tim, & staff were AMAZING! I had so much fun working out there and I learned so much. I would highly recommend North End to anyone looking for a great place to help you get fit and healthy.

Jessica G.

North End Fitness & Training Rose F.

North End Training kick started my weight loss and toning. If it weren’t for Tim and Andy, I would have never been able to obtain the guns I now have!

The dedicated staff push their clients to achieve their fitness goals in a professional and fun manner. The one-on-one attention is exactly what I need to push myself and have learned so much. I would highly recommend North End to anyone! Thank you Tim and Andy for believing in me and my goals!

Rose F.

North End Fitness & Training Ali M.

Great experience highly recommended and professional. Tim has helped me move towards my goals and is a very motivating person. I would not have been able to do without him!!!

Ali M.

North End Fitness & Training Melissa B.

I never liked to work out before coming to North End. Tim, Chris, Reynaldo, Caitlin and the other trainers are so committed to helping me meet my fitness goal for my upcoming wedding. The trainers know how to motivate and make the work out process entertaining. When you join North End, you become part of a community. They are constantly making improvements to the facilities and introducing new equipment to enhance the training experience. I would definitely recommend North End.

Melissa B.

North End Fitness & Training Emilie L.

North End Fitness is amazing! You definitely will not be disappointed. Their staff are wonderful, friendly and incredibly knowledgable. I highly recommend them!

Emilie L.

North End Fitness & Training Robin K.

They kill you but I am in better shape than I have ever been. Just wish they were open later on weekends.

Robin K.

North End Fitness & Training Moeuy S.

This place is amazing. The trainers are all incredible to work with. They are really easy going and they encourage you to reach your goals. I am pleased with my progress. Looking forward to the next 8 weeks. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you Caitlin for meeting with me on Thursday mornings. I always enjoy talking with you.

Moeuy S.

North End Fitness & Training Pete J.

Guys north end is the only place to work out . I am working out with Tim ,Renaldo and the rest of the boys for over 3 years . In between I had to battle with cancer and all they did was support and got me to be a better me !. They never give up on you and their goal is to bring you to where you ! want to be unlike other trainers out here . Great place great facility and the best trainers outhere in specific my boy Tim . Try it and see what I mean .

Pete J.

North End Fitness & Training Emilie E.

I really wish I could give North End Fitness more than 5 stars- they deserve it! They are as good as it gets! The staff are amazing, attentive and incredibly knowledgable. I would highly recommend them to anyone! You won't be disappointed!

Emilie E.

North End Fitness & Training Jal B.

North End Fitness changed my attitude toward working out. I am not a fan of big franchise gyms and found myself year after year waisting my money on gym memberships I never used. Walking around aimlessly, clumsily trying to adjust equipment I had no idea how to use and never pushing myself to my limit. Therefore, you guessed it, seeing no results. If you are like me than look no further, North End Fitness does all that work for you. Except the heavy lifting of course, that's our job. They track your performance, set up all machines, and safely push you to your maximum potential. And that feels good. Real good when you start seeing results like I did and still do. The best part about it is the staff does this with a smile. I can't say enough good things about this place.

Jal B.

North End Fitness & Training Cimeka J.

They are really good. Tim is one of the trainer's that will help you do the work out correctly and help you get in the best shape with great motivation.

Cimeka J.

North End Fitness & Training Lauren B.

I knew I needed one-on-one attention to get myself more motivated to make serious lifestyle changes and North End gave me everything I needed and more. Working on an individual basis with a trainer as well as a nutritionist helped overhaul my lifestyle. I was able to not only lose weight but gain strength, confidence, and happiness.

Lauren B.

North End Fitness & Training Kim S.

NEFT has not only motivated me to work out more and eat healthier, but the trainers make you feel like part of their family and work together to ensure that you reach your goals! Thank you Caitlyn, T-dog, Reinaldo, Andy, Tim, Cesar!

Kim S.

North End Fitness & Training Eli W.

North End Fitness is great. The people that work there are professionals and helped me achieve my goals. Would recommend them to anyone looking to change their lifestyle in a positive way.

Eli W.

North End Fitness & Training Sue G.

When I started at North End Fitness, I had specific goals in mind. With the help of the trainers and Caitlin, I am achieving those goals. I would highly recommend NEF because Reynaldo, Andy, Chris or Tim will push you beyond your comfort level. And, that is a good thing! I appreciate it.

Sue G.

North End Fitness & Training Thomas K.

Tim was an awesome trainer... very dedicated to pushing his clients to achieve their fitness goals and very knowledgable as a fitness professional. I have worked with trainers in the past and can say Tim's style of training and commitment to his clients far exceeded my expectations.

Thomas K.

North End Fitness & Training Rebekkah G.

The professionals at North End Fitness & Training have continuously supported me as I try to reach my goals. Tim is always willing to coach me through my workouts both in person and virtually, whether I'm in a few times a week or traveling and unable to be in New Rochelle. Thanks for your dedication to your clients - it does not go unnoticed!

Rebekkah G.

North End Fitness & Training Julie R.

Great facility. Excellent trainers. So conveniently located. Has everything I need to feel motivated and stay strong.

Julie R.

North End Fitness & Training Sabrina B.

Recommend PTI to anyone that is looking to make a change in the way they look. I started attending a few times a week with my mom. I can really see the results in just a few weeks time. I've built more muscle and lost a few lbs. They motivate you and teach you the right way to work out so you don't hurt yourself and get the maximum out of your work. 30 minutes go by really fast when you are having fun. Check them out!!

Sabrina B.

North End Fitness & Training Eileen H.

This place is amazing. Reynaldo always challenges me and I love it, thanks.

Eileen H.

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