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  • 3 Ways to INCREASE your exercise INTENSITY

    If you are guilty of Bad Habit #3 from above (slacking in your workouts) then use the following three tips to bring your routine up to the next level: 1. Create Instability:
    Use your entire body, and target your core, by performing exercises that engage stabilizing muscles. To do this use an exercise ball, a balance board, a balance disk, or you could simply stand on one leg. 2. Increase Resistance:
    The higher the resistance that you incorporate with your routine translates into higher intensity and more calories burned. Some ideas for adding resistance include: carrying dumbbells while doing lunges, wearing a weighted vest while walking or jogging, or putting a weight between your ....

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  • Beef Supper Skillet

    This Beef Skillet Supper is a very Fitness -Friendly meal, with tons of protein and wholesome, nutritious ingredients to power you through your day and fuel your results. It’s perfect for making on a weeknight when you don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, but you still want a dish that’s full of flavor. This recipe calls for sweet potato rice, which is sweet potato that has been turned into noodles with a spiral slicer, and then pulsed in the food processor until small rice-like pieces form. It’s entirely possible to save time by chopping up your sweet potato rather than going through the process of turning it into rice, if you’d prefer! ....

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  • Here’s Why You Can’t Lose Weight (3 Bad Habits)

    Are you stuck in the frustrating cycle of gaining and losing the same 5 pounds but never reaching your goal weight? Read on to see if these 3 Bad Habits are holding you back from the body of your dreams… Bad Habit #1: You’re Eating TOO MUCH (healthy food)
    Yes, there is such thing as TOO MUCH healthy food. Extra calories can come from healthy food just as readily as from unhealthy foods. Yes, healthier foods are typically lower in calories, so it will take you longer to gain weight by overeating roasted chicken and sweet potato than it would ice cream and chips, but the extra pounds will add up nonetheless. If you would like to lose weight then it’s very ....

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  • Everybody has a story. What's yours?

    We know that most people join a gym with the best of intentions. They'll make their monthly donation, walk on the treadmills, maybe try some machines. They will go every day in January. Every other day in February. A few times in March. Well, you know the rest...
    At North End Fitness & Training, we have a different approach. Through our exclusive combination of Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling, you can achieve your goals. Our trainers give you a great workout (in 30 minutes). Our nutritionists measure your progress. Your results will keep you motivated to come back in April, May, and June.
    And if you really want to do something on your own, we give you unlimited use ....

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  • Greek Yogurt Whipped Cream

    Greek Yogurt Whipped Cream Some desserts simplyrequirea sweet, whipped topping to top them off​. It’s pretty, it’s yummy and it’s nostalgic.However... traditional whipped cream is NOT part of any fitness -focused diet that I’ve ever heard of! This creamy, dreamy Whipped Greek Yogurt is the solution. It gives you that whipped topping that you crave without ruining your fitness results. Regulate the amount of sugar in this recipe by choosing between liquid stevia (no sugar) and pure maple syrup, based on your dietary goals. Courtesy of What you need
    Serves 12 1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt, full fat ¼ cup coconut cream 2 ....

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  • Try These Healthy Snacks

    Here’s a great list of healthy snacks to reach for…
    Apple slices with a Tablespoon of almond butter
    Turkey slices with a handful of grapes
    Half of a Dressed Avocado (See below for the recipe!)
    1 cup of plain Greek yogurt with 12 raspberries
    1 hard boiled egg with celery sticks
    A protein shake made with water, 1 scoop of protein, and 1 scoop of powdered greens ....

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