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Perfect your Squat with Cesar

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Perfect Your Squat!

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The squat is one of the most basic movements we humans can do, yet we see many of you struggling to master proper form. In this video, Cesar demonstrates some common squat mistakes followed by proper form with helpful cues to engage the correct muscles and keep your body injury free.

Common mistakes:

❌knees collapsing inward
❌ anterior pelvic tilt (sticking your butt out too much; excessive curve in your low back)
❌Not reaching full depth (your hips should be in line or below your knees at the bottom of your squat.

Correct form:

✅ before you begin each rep, take a breath and brace your core
✅keep your core and glutes tight and engaged throughout the entire movement
✅point your toes in front or outward, and keep your knees following your toes (think about driving your knees out, fight them from collapsing inward)
✅keep at it! Improvement comes from consistency. It get easier as you improve your flexibility and strength.

Once you have the right form, challenge yourself. Easy to do at home, no equipment needed! 

💪Go slow - do a 5 second negative while thinking "hips back, forcing knees out, pushing from the heels"
💪add in a pulse at the bottom. You'll feel this in your glutes 
💪explode up! Driving from your glutes and heels, make it a jump squat. Be sure to land softly on your feet and control your body down into another rep.

✅ Lastly, as Cesar would say "make it look easy!"

The best way to improve your squat, keep injury free, healthy and happy? Connect with us! info@northendfitness.com 

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