Safety Compliance:
In compliance with Governor Cuomo's executive order to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, WE ARE OPEN for Personal Training online and outside and Bootcamp class online. We also are open for nutrition counseling. Please email us at for more information. We have already reconfigured the gym in compliance with CDC guidelines and are ready to safely reopen as soon as allowed by Governor Cuomo!

Caitlin MacShane | North End Fitness & Training

Personal Training in Scarsdale

Caitlin MacShane

As a nutrition counselor at North End Fitness & Training, I get to do what I love. My interests in food, health, and science led me down the path towards earning a graduate degree in nutrition from Hunter College. Through my studies, I developed a belief in a simple, balanced, and comprehensive approach to healthy living. This approach fits in perfectly with what we do at North End. My goal here is to help our clients transform their eating habits and provide support while they approach their own goals. Seeing our clients succeed brings me a tremendous amount of joy and inspires me each and every day.

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