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My work experiences as a personal trainer include one year at New York Sports Club, and 1 year at North End Fitness. My fitness experiences include, two years in Crossfit training, one year of kickboxing training, 15 years total body resistance training and conditioning, and a dancer in performing arts for 15 years.

I enjoy being a trainer in order to motivate, educate, and guide people to living well. The extensive benefits of proper exercise for health is scientifically established. It's not just about building muscles and body weight issues. It's about strengthening the body to move functionally with ease through daily ways of life and/or sport, as well as keeping the whole system strong to defend against illness and injury. Therefore, the focus of my training is for full body strength and proper muscle activity. I want to see you be able to move freely and confidently in and out of the gym.

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Safety Compliance:
We are currently OPEN for in person training. New York State requires that all people be fully vaccinated to enter North End Fitness. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon arrival. Email us at info@northendfitness.com for more information.