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I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and have been training clients at North End Fitness since 2016. My passion for becoming a personal trainer first took root when I was studying at Lincoln University. My coach at the time admired my drive in the weight room and saw I had potential to push others to reach their fitness and health goals. I took the opportunity to become the Strength and Conditioning Coach of our team. It became truly clear to me that my calling was to help others achieve their ideal selves when my sibling was diagnosed as obese and came to me for help. Day after day I personally trained and pushed her to keep on track. While taking my personal training to a whole other level and through her perseverance, she achieved her ideal weight and lost over a hundred pounds. After this amazing experience, it was clear to me what my calling in life is and I developed my skills into a rewarding career. I love being able to help our clients achieve their goals and hope to continue to change lives here at North End Fitness and Training.

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